Draw Joust!

Drawing-Battling madness.

Developed by AYA and Published by Voodoo.


Draw Joust!

Clumsy Climber

The Tower: Assassin's Creed

AYA games was one of the pioneers of the Hypercasual market in 2014, debuting with
The Tower (published by Ketchapp) and holding #1 position

on the US Games AppStore for 9 days.

Releasing a wide range of successful HC titles we have since amassed more than

90 000 000 downloads.

With our latest hit - Draw Joust (published by Voodoo) that number is growing rapidly.

Our philosophy relies on fast prototyping but high quality production


The Tower

Coming soon

Made by these lads

Founded by Artem Merenfeld and Yaroslav Rudakov in Saint Petersburg. They still remain the core of the development.

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